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Ahh, sweet puppy breath, no better smell.  Here at Castlekeep we do not breed commercially, rather we breed only when we want to add to our own kennel.  On average one litter every two years.  This doesn't mean I can't help you find a puppy.  As a responsible breeder I can direct you to others. The IWCC club members will do our very best to help you find the right Irish Wolfhounda for your family.  For assistance please contact, and click on breeder referral in your part of Canada.

Visitors are welcome to visit Castlekeep with an appointment to find out if this is the right breed for you. Come and meet the hounds, you will be glad you did.


Cugein Ortega of Castlekeep, 15 weeks

Castlekeepsake for Cugein Cyra 4 weeks

(above and below)

Castlekeep's Elmvale of Wolfkin and his sister Castlekeep's Essex.

Castlekeep's Elmvale of Wolfkin, loved by Casey Nesbitt of Wolfkin kennels.

(right) two older puppies Teg and Dubheasa at play.

Ch Castlekeep's Heavenly Freesoul cleaning her son Castlekeep's Thuban.

Castlekeepsake for Cugein Cyra 15 weeks

Siblings Hemmie (F) and Enzo (m).  Castlekeep's Thuban X Rainforth's Dubheasa Castlekeep puppies, loved by Guylaine Gagnon, Hemmingford Irish Wolfhounds, Quebec. (above and below)

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