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What is Natural Rearing.  In a nutshell, raising dogs as naturally as possible, using unprocessed foods.  Just like processed foods are harmful for us they are harmful for animals too. 

Raw meaty bones keep their teeth sparkling clean and massages their gums.  Healthy mouth, great smelling breath means a healthier heart. A healthy heart pumps blood supplying proper nutrition to the whole body.  Chewing bones promotes hours of mental as well as physical stimulation, building strong front ends, neck and jaw muscles. Raw fed dogs have healthy crisp coats with low odour and stools are smaller as the body utilizes almost all that is fed.

A raw diet consists of 60% raw green tripe is fed along with raw meaty bones, muscle meat, offal and fish.  We have five generations of raw fed puppies and the vigor and vitality increases with each generation. 

Castlekeep puppies are weaned to raw food,  but even if you have never fed raw before, we will be there to help you with the transition.  You can learn more at  Facebook page Irish Wolfhound Raw, the friendly people there will help you.

So please consider feeding raw, you won't regret it.

Ch Castlekeep's Thuban enjoying a big  raw meaty bone.

Castlekeep puppies are introduced to raw at three weeks of age.  This is Heavens litter at 6 weeks.

Ortega says "your never too young to be eating raw". 

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